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His Secret Obsession: How To Turn A Man Head-Over-Heels For You!

Nov 23, 2021

Love can be a wonderful thing. It can be a beautiful escape from the brutal reality, and it can be the rainbow in the hardest of storms. It can not only turn your world upside down like a movie by Nicholas Sparks, but it can also change the lens you view the world from.

Even if the word "love" means everything to someone, and by hearing the word "love," they remember a specific person that puts a smile on their face, it can still be complicated. It can be messed up, tricky, and problematic. Isn't that right?

And the truth is, you cannot be "in" love with someone if you are the only person in love. But somehow or another, women tend to end up like that no matter how hard they try not to.

It comes breaking down at the point where love is no more. That word that used to put a smile on your face is now the reason why your heart is sinking, and it seems like it has broken into a million pieces shattered all over the place, and there is no way to fix it.

The Relationship Is Hanging

At The Edge Of The Cliff

The biggest problem with the most perfect of relations is that at one point or another, they just fall apart. No matter what stage of relationship you are in, there is always a danger of breaking. The thing stretches too far that it meets the point of breaking. Isn't that heartbreaking? Of course, it is!

Every relation is complicated. Marriages end after having children together. Relationships fall apart after years of togetherness. It becomes so devastating. And why? That is the main question. Luckily, you will find out soon.

Why Is It Men That Steer Away?

But what is the thing that is most common in relationships? It is the thing that most men lose interest in the relationship, and thus the relationship crumbles into pieces?

But why only men? Why does he lose interest? Weren't you enough? Didn't you give him everything you wanted?

Let's talk about something that all of the women have experienced, shall we?

When you first met the boy, he was crazy about you and circled around you every moment. Every day was about you, and he couldn't spend one week without you. Isn't that correct? But as time passed, things changed. Now he is quiet and does not interact.

But why? How is it that one day they love you extremely and the other they suddenly fall out of love?

Some may say that is ridiculous. But that is true! It is mostly the men who steer the way. Sadly!

But The Relationship Was Perfect!

You might say that something weird happens. You will say that it was perfect in the beginning and you didn't see it coming. I feel you, but it happens.

Even if you had the perfect relationship, we're going along just well, understood each other, and stood by each other on each and every moment; there is still a chance that there is something that is missing.

You might not notice it, but there is always a reason behind everything. What's more, is that there is always a reason behind men's behavior. And that specific thing is the reason you need to work on it. Don't worry, as the book I just read might be the solution to each and every problem of yours.

His Secret Obsession: A Doorway To Something

You Never Knew!

The answer to all of your problems lies in a single book that covers it all. James Bauer has published a marvelous book that has helped millions of women all over the world to solve their relationship problems. Isn't that just wonderful?

In his book, he has explained the art of keeping a boy in your arms and getting his full attention. All the problems that lead to the loss of interest of men can be solved with this exceptional advice.

He not only unfolds the truth about boys and their feelings, but it also fully explains how you can turn his feelings in your favor. With the advice given by James Bauer, you can now learn how to make a man want you in no time! And trust me, it is definitely worth your time!

Male's Psychology Works In A Different Way

One thing that James Bauer explains in "His Secret Obsession" is that males tend to have a different connection than women. They feel in a different way, and they respond to emotions in a different manner. That is what women don't understand.

Men and women are not the same. They have different thoughts, different emotions, unique feelings, and a distinct reaction to everything. Women need to understand that if they want to please their man, they should know all about this. And you should too! This is the main reason why men think that women are difficult and why women think that men are difficult.

But you need not worry as you can find out more about it by the great book "His Secret Obsession." Don't you want to find out why he is pulling away from you? What have things caused him to walk in the opposite direction? Well, you can relax because all your problems and worries have been solved with a snap of a finger!

The Hero Instinct

Let me tell you a secret from "His Secret Obsession"!

I know this has caught all your attention. But relax, it will be worth every second of your life! So let's get to it, shall we?

So what do men want? What makes their heart tingle more than money, love, or even sex? That's right! There is a thing men love more than sex, and that is when the Hero Instinct comes in.

Let's get this straight. Men love to be the hero of the movie. They like it when they are the "Man in shining armor" that saves the damsel in distress from trouble. Most of all, they like to be praised. They like to be called a hero. And the truth is, all men want it. Undoubtedly!

The women who make men feel like heroes and respect their every move and decision can keep men in their power. At the same time, the women who do not appreciate their men will certainly lose them immediately. Men may not tell you this. But when I tell you to learn this technique by heart, I certainly mean it!

Once you start praising your man and thank him for the things he does, he will try to do more, and he will love you even more as it boosts their self-esteem and confidence. And who doesn't love that?

Components of "His Secret Obsession"

So what is your man's secret obsession? Let me tell you. It is you! James Bauer is talking about you in his book, and he says that you can be your man's secret obsession. Moreover, the secret to winning a man's heart is not really a secret! You just need to win him all over again.

What's more, is, the advice in this book is not only valid for the couples who are on the verge of breaking, it can apply to everyone. Whether they are newly dating or if they have just met, this book is for everyone!

Benefits Of "His Secret Obsession"

The best part of this book is that it is written by a loving guide and a marriage & relationship specialist James Bauer. He knows how to deal with a different complication related to relationships. Isn't that what you wanted?

Another thing that will interest you that it is always available in audio form, and you can listen to it, or read it, wherever you can and whenever you can! No restrictions!

The Success Of "His Secret Obsession"

"His Secret Obsession" has gained massive success since it has been published. Many people from around the globe have now unlocked the secret to attracting men. You can be one of the lucky ones if you buy this book because believe me when I say that this will be one of the best decisions of your life! I can definitely assure you that!

What's more is that with the help of this book and the secrets that lie in this book, your man will be head-over-heels for you and will adore you. Those issues of commitment and semi-permanent relationship will vanish and never come back. How can someone miss this chance?

Don't you love your man? Show him the love he deserves and the love that will keep him hooked by you, and he will think about you whenever you are away. Who knew that keeping love by your side could be so easy yet so interesting? Why waste a moment? When all you have is now! Go and buy "His Secret Obsession" and learn how to get him to fall back in love with you!

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23. I think it’s time we tried anal.

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Part 6

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what is friend zone ?

well simply means you are not seen as potential romantic partner.

They see you as friend only.

These steps will make you come out out of your friend Zones

30 May 2021

How to get out of the Friend - Zones -

simple ways that will help to do that:

1- You Do All Types of Tasks for Them

You do all type of tasks for them. but you are not romantic or have some romantic touch when you do it at all. Usually you might do tasks like pick something for them from store, iron their colths etc..

things usually a romantic do, but you are not a romantic partner in any way. You are far from that.

2- You Listen to her love lif story and problems

THIS IS the First sign you know that you are in friend zones when she talks to you about other guys she romantic or has interest in them, it means she doesn't see you as viable candidate. Instead she using you as machine - extensions/ addons outlet for her feelings.

3- You Don't Have Romantic Connection

Lastly, you would end up in friend zones if there no romantic actions at all. Sometimes it might look like you are boyfriend / a couple, then probably end up in friend zones, because if you doing actions and in real romantic sparks in relationships then you definitely would know it .

Signs Someone is Jealous of You –

8 Common Reasons

29 May 2021

1- acting up

When you see someone you know long enough starting acting differently, like less respect, want spend less time with you, also you will notice they trying to humiliate you more likely the person is jealous of you.

2- They think of Giving you bad advice

when you feel like someone is competitively when they when they are around you is because they feel not safe that you discover the best part of your personality so they feel threatened.

3- They will hate and with no reason but Jealously

with every action you will notice hate in your way.